Kids Counseling

Kids have mental health problems pretty much like adults and can benefit from therapy with a qualified and experienced kid’s counselor.

Most parents believe that their children have nothing to worry about except being a kid and having fun. The true fact is that many kids have mood disorders and emotional issues just like adults. As a matter of fact, 1 in 5 kids and teens have a mental disorder that could receive help from therapy and 1 in 10 have severe emotional problems.

There are different mental health issues that kids have that parents may not even believe their kid could be trying to handle which include bipolar disorder, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, and conduct issues.

If you are concerned or are not sure how to tell if your son or daughter is just going through a phase or if they could use the help of a kid’s therapist, you need to know the warning signs.

Warning signs that your child needs counseling including constantly sad, overacts to situations, always seems mad, constantly worries or is afraid, obsessed with being sick or the way they look, worried that he or she is not in control of themselves, grades drop, loss of interest in things they use to like, changes in eating or sleeping, would rather be alone, hearing voices or noises that are not there, talking about wanting to die, cannot make decisions, cannot sit still, obsessive about cleaning things or washing their hands, nightmares, over dieting or vomiting after eating, harming animals, setting things of fire, and drug or alcohol use.

Of course, these are the major signs. For parents that notice any type of change in their son or daughter that is out of the ordinary or last for a long period of time, should be considered a problem. Every child will go through a phase while growing up, but as parents, you can usually tell if your kid has changed drastically such as once going out and playing with the kids in the neighborhood and suddenly begin to stay indoors.

There are so many things that can cause kids to change their personality which can include being bullied at school. You may notice that your son or daughter has started wetting the bed, not wanting to go to school, or not interested in any outside activity. This could be a sign of being bullied.

Sometimes, kids cannot explain to their parents how they feel and you may not know how to find out why their behavior has changed as it can upset them if you keep asking questions, according to their age. Teens are not as apt to answer your questions as they want to handle their own problems and do not want to be babied, so to speak. Pressures at school, from peers, and even issues that might be going on in your home environment can and do cause kids mental issues. If you believe that your daughter or son could use some help from a kid’s counselor, we have experienced therapists that know how to help kids with all the issues that arise in their lives.